Codex Supplement: Crimson Slaughter - Previous Edition (7th)

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Once the loyal servants of the Imperium of Mankind, now the Crimson Slaughter leave only destruction and despair in their wake. Tainted by the genocidal purging of Umidia they are plagued by the voices of their victims. Only through butchery can they silence the voices that haunt them - but the whispers of the dead always return.

Within the 72 pages of this softback, full-colour book you will find:

the gore-splattered history of the Crimson Slaughter - a tragic tale of how a loyal Chapter was transformed into Warp-cursed, bloodthirsty renegades;
supplemental rules for building an unstoppable army of the merciless Crimson Slaughter.
a showcase of Crimson Slaughter miniatures;
a series of narrative missions that enable you to recreate some of the Crimson Slaughter’s bloody battles;
rules for unique relics, Warlord Traits and new stratagems that reflect the Crimson Slaughter\'s favoured tactics;
a set of 7 formation datasheets and Crimson Slaughter tactical Objectives.

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