Covid-19 & GFG

Virus Update

We are still open for online shopping and deliveries. We are dispatching Monday - Friday.

Currently, our 1 working day turnaround has not been effected. 

Courier deliveries take 1-2 working days after dispatch, and Royal Mail is slower at the moment. First-class use to take 1-2 days, but now expect it to take 2-7 days.

 While social distancing is in place our retail store is closed. Sorry, but it is the best way of stopping the virus from spreading. .

 We are keeping the highest levels of hygiene cleaning our work areas multiple times a day with disinfectant and washing our hands a lot.

Retail Store

Update: Closed for the NOVEMBER lockdown. 

The Tabletop Tyrant retail store is reopening!
Starting today, we are open Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays 12-6pm.
We are looking to extend the opening hours in the future. 
Card payments only. 
If you would like to enter the premises please wear a mask. Without a mask, you may be denied entry. 
Sadly, due to lockdown rules, there will be no organised play or casual tabletop gaming for the foreseeable future.
Hope to see you, socially distanced, soon!