Dystopian Wars : Operation Shadow Hunter

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Ships are vanishing without a trace ...

A mysterious 'Ghost' ship is talked about by merchant crews ...

Set in the waters around South America, Operation Shadow Hunter pits two bitter enemies against each other: the Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Federated States of America.

In territory that once belonged to the Republic of Argentina, the forces of the Empire of the Blazing Sun are once again on the move. Their plan is complex, their overall objective still a secret, but the dice have already been rolled and the battle lines drawn. The eastern forces have a new and deadly ally. The mysterious Wani have come out of exile and once again made a pact with the Empire. But this pact is far more than just devoted service. This time access to incredible new military science comes as part of the deal.

To the north, the Federated States of America has responded with speed to the loss of its own vessels, both military and civilian. In a bid to counter the mysterious 'Ghost Ship' the chief scientist of this great nation have accelerated development of their new secret weapon – the Boston Class Submersible – and the Admirals are eager to prove it in battle. Designed to engage and destroy even the most massive of enemy ships, the Boston Class comes armed with the latest destructive technologies and its own compliment of Turtle Class Assault Subs.

The scene is set for the most deadly of conflicts as two of the most powerful naval forces on the planet clash in the once calm water off the coast of Brazil.

Dare you take command in Operation Shadow Hunder?


  • Empire of the Blazing Sun

    • 1x Kaiju Class Heavy Battleship
    • 1x Wani Terror Ship (Solid resin)
    • 1x Wani Terror Ship (Clear resin)
    • 3x Honshu Cruisers (with three drop-ons each)
    • 4x Uwatsu Class Frigates
    • 5x Fujin Class Corvettes
    • 5x Support Aircraft Wings (SAW) Tokens
    • 1x Support Aircraft Squadron (SAS) Movement Tray
  • Federated States of America

    • 1x Liberty Class Heavy Battleship
    • 1x Boston Class Large Submarine
    • 1x Boston Class Large Submarine (Submerged Base)
    • 6x Turtle Class Assault Submarine Tokens
    • 3x Georgetown Class Cruisers (with three drop-ons each)
    • 4x Augusta Class Frigates
    • 5x Revere Class Corvettes
    • 5x Support Aircraft Wings (SAW) Tokens
    • 1x (Support Aircraft Squadron (SAS) Movement Tray
  • Also included:

    • 1x Admiral Edition Rulebook (Softback)
    • 1x A5 Campaign Booklet
    • 4x A4 'Punch Out' Scenery Sheets
    • 3x A5 Tokens and Templates Sheets
    • 15x Standard Game Dice – Red
    • 6x 7mm Micro Dice (2 each of Red, Green and White)
    • 1x Large Wani Forward Deployment Base

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