Gremlin Arsneal Box

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We\'re entering a new world of hurt and this box contains all the guns, swords , and brutality you will need for you to survive your next fight. Inside, you will find every single stat and upgrade card for Gremlins featured in the second edition book. Now fight for your spot at the top of this twisted food chain.

Set Contains:

Master Stat Cards

  • Somer Teeth Jones
  • The Brewmaster
  • Ophelia LaCroix

Henchman Stat Cards

  • Francois LaCroix
  • Fingers

Enforcer Stat Cards

  • Lenny
  • Whisky Golem
  • Rami LaCroix
  • Raphael LaCroix
  • Pere Ravage

Minion Stat Cards

  • 4x Bayou Gremlin
  • 3x Piglet
  • Apprentice Wesley
  • Moon Shinobi
  • War Pig
  • Hog Whisperer
  • 2x Slop Hauler

Peon Stat Cards

  • 2x Skeeter
  • 3x Young Lacroix
  • Pigapult


  • Stilts
  • 2x Dirty Cheater
  • Quality Mash Liquor
  • The Guardian Stone
  • Liquid Bravery
  • Family Tree
  • Can O\'Beans
  • Encouragement
  • Pig Feed
  • I\'ll Love It And Pet It...
  • Show Off
  • Running Tab
  • The Good Stuff
  • Binge
  • Hold Their Hair Back
  • Angry Drunk
  • Drinking \Problem\"
  • "

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