Index: Imperium 1 (ENGLISH)

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One of five books covering the range of Citadel miniatures used to play games of Warhammer 40,000, Index: Imperium 1 is an essential purchase for those wanting to play games of Warhammer 40,000, packed with updated rules and complete points values for Space Marines armies*.

It includes 207 datasheets covering the Space Marines range of miniatures, with overviews of a number of Chapters. Updated abilities, psychic powers, weapon profiles and points values allow you to field your collection in games of Warhammer 40,000. Theres also a blank army roster and detachment roster, which you are free to photocopy and use when building a Battle-Forged army in Matched Play games.

Covered in the 224-page softback book:

Adeptus Astartes

- An overview of the Space Marines, including a typical Chapter organisation;

- A Space Marines army list, with explanations of the Chapter keyword, the Librarius psychic discipline and the And They Shall Know No Fear Ability;

- 70 datasheets for Space Marines miniatures.


- An overview of the Ultramarines;

- 10 datasheets for Ultramarines miniatures.

Blood Angels

- An overview of the Blood Angels;

- A Blood Angels army list, with the Sanguinary psychic discipline and And They Shall Know No Fear, Black Rage, and Jump Pack Assault abilities;

- 18 datasheets for Blood Angels miniatures.

Dark Angels

- An overview of the Dark Angels;

- A Dark Angels army list, with the Interromancy psychic discipline and the And They Shall Know No Fear, Unforgiven and Jink Abilities;

- 26 datasheets for Dark Angels miniatures, including the Fortress of Redemption.

Space Wolves

- An overview of the Space Wolves;

- A Space Wolves army list, with the Tempestus psychic discipline, Space Wolves Dreadnought wargear and the And They Shall Know No Fear ability;

- 46 datasheets for Space Wolves miniatures.


- An overview of the Deathwatch;

- A Deathwatch army list, with the Special Issue Ammunition and the And They Shall Know No Fear abilities;

- 7 datasheets for Deathwatch miniatures.

Grey Knights

- An overview of the Grey Knights;

- A Grey Knights army list, with the Sanctic psychic discipline, and the And They Shall Know No Fear, Daemon Hunters, Rites of Banishment and Teleport Strike abilities;

- 17 datasheets for Deathwatch miniatures.

Imperial Fists

- An overview of the Imperial Fists;

- A datasheet for Captain Lysander.

Crimson Fists

- An overview of the Crimson Fists;

- A datasheet for Pedro Kantor.

Black Templars

- An overview of the Black Templars;

- 5 datasheets for Black Templars miniatures.

Raven Guard

- An overview of the Raven Guard;

- A datasheet for Kayvaan Shrike.


- An overview of the Salamanders;

- A datasheet for Vulkan He'stan.

White Scars
An overview of the White Scars;

- 2 datasheets for Kor'sarro Khan, on foot or on bike.

Legion of the Damned

- An overview of the Legion of the Damned;

- A datasheet for Legion of the Damned miniatures.

Flesh Tearers

- An overview of the Flesh Tearers;

- A datasheet for Gabriel Seth.

* Non-Space Marine Imperial armies not covered in this book are catered for in Index: Imperium 2

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