The Dreadnought Army Figure Case - EMPTY by Tabletop Tyrant

Code 700461634713
Code 700461634713
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  • Description

    The Dreadnought triple size army figure case is a durable black material case with each surface reinforced with 3mm plastic panels to ensure your miniatures are protected.

    As well as the extra armour the dreadnought also comes with side pockets
    for templates and dice, a front pocket for rulebooks, an inside
    pocket for army books or rulebooks and additional front pockets.

    The Dreadnought case is orientated so that trays stack
    horizontally for extra protection for your miniatures. As well as the
    top opening, a side panel  also opens out so trays are easier to
    reach and stack.

    Water resistant and specially designed to fit classic G.W. trays as
    well as the Tabletop Tyrant range of trays. The case comes with a zip
    top, sewn handles and a shoulder strap.

    Please note all foam trays are now supplied in the classic dark grey colour scheme. 

    The size of this bag is 15" wide x 12" deep x 16.5" tall (38 x 30 x 42 cm)

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